Bronze Plumbing Maintenance

      • Annual 21-Point Maintenance 
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Silver Plumbing Maintenance

      • Bi-annual 21-Point Maintenance 
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Gold Plumbing Maintenance

  • Bi-annual 21-Point Maintenance
  • Tankless or Tank Type Water Heater Maintenance & Inspection
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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

      • Annual Maintenance & Inspection
      • Remove lime buildup
      • Inspect vent piping
      • Clean water inlet filter
      • Check gas supply pressure

Boiler Maintenance

      • Annual Maintenance & Inspection
      • Clean and set automatic controls, including thermostat
      • Clean burner and check for proper flame
      • Test for combustion leaks
      • Test safety shutoff response
      • Check pump. Lubricate bearings, check seal & linkage
      • Check flue for satisfactory operation
      • Check condensate drain line (if present) for unobstructed flow
      • Check combustion air for obstructions

HVAC Maintenance Agreement

      • Bi-annual Maintenance & Inspection
      • A/C Maintenance (Spring)
      • Heating Maintenance (Fall)
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