Silver Plumbing Maintenance

      • Bi-annual 21-Point Maintenance 


Caffi’s 21-Point Plumbing Maintenance & Inspection

Maintenance & Testing

1. Toilet water level adjustment

2. Faucet aerator cleaning

3. Water heater flush

4. Exercise valves to prolong functionality

5. Dye test all toilets for proper operation

6. Water pressure test


7. Kitchen faucet

8. Kitchen sink

9. Disposer

10. Kitchen drain and waste

11. Instant Hot dispenser

12. Sump pump

13. Sewage ejector pump

14. Outside hose bibbs

15. Inside visible water pipes

16. Gas piping

17. Dryer vent

18. Tub and shower faucets

19. Lavatory sinks and faucets

20. Vanity and toilet shutoff valves

21. Main water shut off test

Also includes tagging of important shutoff valves for your convenience!

Bronze Plumbing Maintenance

      • Annual 21-Point Maintenance 
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Silver Plumbing Maintenance

      • Bi-annual 21-Point Maintenance 
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Gold Plumbing Maintenance

  • Bi-annual 21-Point Maintenance
  • Tankless or Tank Type Water Heater Maintenance & Inspection
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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

      • Annual Maintenance & Inspection
      • Remove lime buildup
      • Inspect vent piping
      • Clean water inlet filter
      • Check gas supply pressure

Boiler Maintenance

      • Annual Maintenance & Inspection
      • Clean and set automatic controls, including thermostat
      • Clean burner and check for proper flame
      • Test for combustion leaks
      • Test safety shutoff response
      • Check pump. Lubricate bearings, check seal & linkage
      • Check flue for satisfactory operation
      • Check condensate drain line (if present) for unobstructed flow
      • Check combustion air for obstructions

HVAC Maintenance Agreement

      • Bi-annual Maintenance & Inspection
      • A/C Maintenance (Spring)
      • Heating Maintenance (Fall)
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